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“If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.”
- Maya Angelou

Phi Chapter Hermanos’ service, professional and academic accomplishments are only possible due to the sacrifice and support from important individuals in our lives.  An Hermano’s success is the legacy that these individuals leave long after they may no longer be around.  


Phi Chapter’s Legacy scholarships strive to provide financial support to the next generation of terrapins. 


Hermano Juan M. Sempertegui (Fall 1995, #3) established two $500 book scholarships in honor of his late mother Maria M. Sempertegui in the Fall of 2022. Hermano Steven Ventura (Fall 1996, #3) donated an additional $500 book scholarship in honor of Mrs. Sempertegui as well.


Maria M. Sempertegui was born on December 5, 1951, in Cochabamba, Bolivia and was the youngest of nine siblings. She completed Cosmetology school in Bolivia and opened a hair salon before becoming the first person in her entire family to migrate to the Unites States in 1979. Eventually, more than 100 family members followed her to the United States. For more than 24 years, she worked as a Bus Aide with Maryland's Montgomery Public School System. Mrs. Sempertegui was also licensed by the State of Maryland as a Senior Cosmetologist and was the proud owner of Maria's Hair Salon, LLC in Langley Park, MD. She was honored to become a U.S. Citizen in 1995. Mrs. Sempertegui passed away on September 20, 2016. She was married to Jorge for more than 35 years.  Mrs. Sempertegui and her husband had three children (Juan, Steven and Andrea) and she is the grandmother to four granddaughters, three of whom are also named Maria. 

Criteria for the Three Scholarships

- First generation college student

- Latino/a/x heritage

- Enrolled at UMD for Fall 2022 

- Current recipient of UMD financial aid 

- Submission of a 500 word statement explaining financial need


Scholarship winners must attend Phi chapter's 27th annual Bienvenida to receive their award. The Bienvenida will take place on August 31, 2022 from 3pm - 6pm at the Hornbake Plaza on-campus. 

Apply Here

Applications close August 27th.


For questions, please contact

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